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.PK Domain Prices and Valuation

Cheapest .pk domain name registration in Pakistan.


70% Pakistani buyers bought it for their local online representation.


Most Favorite by most of international and local Pakistan based businesses holders.


If you are a PK organization and show your work to world, go up with this suffix.


Boost up your networking business, comes up in serps for networking related queries.


For general trading, manufacturing and business marketing, utilize this extension.


When there is no available name in .pk then this suffix is the best choice for web owners.


Only registered and affiliated institutes of Pakistan may buy it after documentation verification.


Being a recognized department of federal government you may have it for online representation.


Any Office with specific identity under government of Sindh has the ability to buy it.


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government can obtain this extension for online visibility.


Departments under Government of Baluchistan can register after verifying relevant documents.


Does your department comes under provincial department of Punjab Govt. then it is for you.


Better for Governmental Dept. of Gilgit Baltistan to run their websites utilizing this.


Unlike occupied Kashmir, Government of Azad Kashmir have their own PK based site ext.


Site names with this suffix are the least and it provides opportunity to have unique IDs yet.


This is a pre-released extension for non-registered institutes, still under consideration by PKNIC.


Advantages of .PK Domain name Registration in Pakistan

Unlike .com domain which is too much overcrowded now, it is optimized choice to acquire .pk domain as Part of your business/personal or organization website domain which can generate more potential clients in this part of the world and ahead of all about 20% or more of your SEO work decreased if you want to concentrate on the market of Pakistan because google like to keep local extensions for local businesses and give them more visibility than other generic extensions.

Best Part of Selecting HostName as yours .PK domain Registrar in Pakistan

Hope you have understand got fact and figures and advantages of Pakistani .pk domain registration in term of ranking factors. Let us elaborate our achievements that we have achieved since we are established. We are working in as authorized .pk Registration Company in Pakistan since 2007. With our dedications in this field we have proved our self as company of professional that gives value to the clients that is the main reason that we are top of the list as authorized .pk domain reseller. PKNIC the main registry has awarded us as top .PK reseller in 2017 once again. So, with us not you would be get cheap .pk and its second level extensions but common/popular extensions as well:

You may register any Pakistani Extension:

Unlike other companies we are not just committed by delivering on time services under low fraction of cost. You may hold any TLD, ccTLD and common extension under one roof. Our Tech staff actually our sales representative as well mean if you got any issue you would get instant solution at the moment with our wait hassle.

Authorized .Pk domain dealer:

Since we established we worked for our clients day/night hard. Our clients spreading not only across the country including all big cites Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Kashmir, Gulguit Bultistan. By the grace of Allah overseas Pakistani that have Pakistanis also register .pk from us and tat trust is our real earning/asset and we are proud to be an reliable Pakistani domain name dealer in internet Pakistan.

Complete range of .PK:

Our clients can shop any .pk including second level extension like .com.pk, .org.pk, .net.pk. We can also register federal government, and provincial government domain like .gov.pk, .gop.pk, .gkp.pk. You may also shop .edu.pk domain as well. All government and educational extensions has their own documents requirements however, you may register other .pk domain with minimum requirements set by registry.

Professionally Handle .PK domain Transfer Process:

Well, since we are dealing .pk from the day one we have handled thousands of cases that never satisfied with their registrar, If you are the one who wanna transfer.pk domain to are ager and reliable panel we say Welcome and deal it professionally.

Holding upto 10,000+ clients:

As mentioned earlier we are accredited .pk registrar, reliability is our first priority that is the reason that we are progressing and customer trust us actually they do refer us and believe us its our biggest achievement since a decade.

Different Pakistani domain Requirements:

.Pk with minimum requirements:

These domain of .pk (.com.pk, .org.pk, .net.pk, .biz.pk, .web.pk ) has minimum requirements any Pakistani can register with basic requirements.

✔ Full Name ✔ Postal Address
✔ Company Name ✔ Email Address
✔ Postal Code ✔ Contact No
✔ CNIC Copy ✔ Owner Signature

Overseas Pakistani nationality holder can also register .pk.

.Government domain requirements:

All government level domain are highly organized and have requisites from PKNIC the main registry.

✔ Full Name ✔ Postal Address
✔ Department Name ✔ mail Address ✔ Department Letter Head
✔ Contact No
✔ Department Stamp
✔ Director/CEO CNIC Copy
✔ Director/CEO Signature
.Edu.pk domain requirements:

This extension has their own pre-requisites set by main registry, Only registered Educational Institute can request this .edu.pk

✔ Full Name ✔ Postal Address
✔ Institute Name ✔ Email Address
✔ Institute Letter Head
✔ Contact No ✔ Institute Registration Copy
✔ Institute Stamp ✔ Principle CNIC
✔ Principle CNIC copy

Note: Requirements of these domain accepted online as well but in case of government and .edu.pk, pre-requisite documents need to be submitted physically or via TCS. After attestation of documentation by PKNIC any Government or .Edu.pk would be register.

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Malware Scanning

3 layer protections system implanted with all domains.

Phishing Compromise Alerts

No one even can change your valuable information submitted by you.

Local Ontime Support

available as .pk domain registration company in Lahore with trained local support.

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